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I just picked up a femaly maltipoo yesterday from the breeder. She is 9 wks. old. Last night...

I just picked up a femaly maltipoo yesterday from the breeder. She is 9 wks. old. Last night she ate a little food and drank water. Today she has had diarrhea once and has thrown up 4 times. She has not had any food today. She has drank water today but seems to vomit after she drinks. I am worried. The type of food I gave her was not what the breeder had been feeding her. According to Pet Smart this was a better choice made by the same company. What do I do about this? I know that she is getting acclimated to her new home and maybe this is some of the problem. How long do I wait before I take her to the vet?

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I have a matipoo also he is 8Weeks I give him PURINA PUPPY CHOW SOFT AND CHEWY. I add a little water to it to get it Really soft and them smash it up wit a spoon...He loves it and has stool formed poopoo and pees regularly. This is also the same food they were given him when I got him,,,,,try PURINA,,,,HOPE THIS HELPS
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Take your maltipoo ASAP. Any pup should be taken for physical within first 48 hrs to ensure health.
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All food changes should be made slowly. Start by feeding her what the breeder was feeding her then start by adding a few pellets from the food you want to change her to eventually. Gradually over several weeks increase your food and decrease breeder's food. We just got a Maltipoo also and this is working for her. Best to see a vet within 48-72 hours of bringing her home. Good luck
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My Maltipoo was the same way but she also went into diabetic shock during the night. We had to put a thing of sugar water in her play area for the first two weeks. She is now fine but can only tolerate certain foods. The one she prefers is the IAMS smart puppy. I was told they have a hard time when they change scenery so you have to treat them as you would a new born and once they get adjusted they are spunky little furballs!
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Take your pup in ASAP! It could be a liver shunt.
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