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hi i have a maltipoo who is now 4 months. she has been shedding for about a month now. i took...

hi i have a maltipoo who is now 4 months. she has been shedding for about a month now. i took her to the vet today and he said it was normal bc shes a mix, she did not shed the first month ive had her but he insisted in it being normal. even the groomer said it was abnormal. she was on puppy chow and i switched her to blue buffalo about a month ago and i have not see any difference. she looks like a maltipoo with thin hair. she is loosing her hair from her legs which really worries me. heres a link to my puppies so you can see for yourself, look at her legs you can see it!! it started on her butt and legs now her ears are doing it too.

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Maltipoo's are prone to skin problems. Call your local vets and tell them the issue and see which vet has experience with it.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/10/2012 8:41:59 AM

Very good chance your maltipoo is losing her puppy hair also.
    Answered by ranchnerd - 2/11/2012 8:21:19 AM

Your maltipoo may be mixed with another breed, thats what it sounds like. Most dogs dont shed the first months this includes those who arent hypoallergenic....I think she may have something else in her
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/4/2012 9:11:37 AM

I have a Maltipoo that is 5 months and has done the same thing. She started lossing the fluffy puppy hair at about 4 months too. The vet didn't seem to concerned. She has a small patch of the puppy hair left. Her new coat is very soft and shiny and more of a wavy coat. I thought maybe she was losiing her hair was because she was real sick with the low blood sugar the first 2 months that I had her and was on 3 different medicines.
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I've only seen maltipoo's shed during stress. Changing homes possibly but usually during pregnancy and nursing. not all but some, just stress.
    Answered by hawaiihill - 5/24/2012 5:55:40 PM

maltipoos are not prone to skin problems.
    Answered by hawaiihill - 5/24/2012 5:56:36 PM