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We already have two cats in the household. I have read mixed reviews about introducing a...

We already have two cats in the household. I have read mixed reviews about introducing a labradoodle into the home. Most web sites are stating never leave the cats and dogs alone. I have always grown up with both pets mainly rescued animals and have never had a problem. Is a labradoodle a good breed to bring home?

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I have two dogs and two cats. I had one cat with my first labradoodle that loved each other. The labradoodle passed and I adopted a new Labradoodle that was already 2, the cat and the dog never had a problem with each other. We then adopted a second labradoodle who was a 6 month old puppy. All three got along very well, they sleep together and play together. When then decided to get a kitten since the older cat was being left out of the dogs rough playing. The dogs immediately warmed to the kitten (better than the adult cat did). They all chase each other and lay together. I leave them unsupervised and only every once in awhile I have to say "gentle" so that they don't get too carried away with playing with the kitten.
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Labradoodles are wonderful dogs. They are smart and easily trained. You need to be sure to introduce the dog (any dog) and cats gradually. I would also suggest crate training the puppy, and then crating the dog whenever you are not home. It is a safety factor for the dog. I have four labradoodles and they are all crated if I am not home. The crate gives the dog a sense of security, and serves as its den.
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If you read the above temperament for the labradoodle dog, it states; "unknown tendencies when it comes to smaller animals." Standard poodles tend to be the dominate dog in the house and lads are just great (I do not own a lab but dozens of families with the breed) and all love them. There is a reason they (lads) are so popular.
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I agree with the unknown tendencies statements; I know someone with two small dogs in the house and then they purchased a labradoodle. The labradoodle believes it is the dominant dog in the house in will not allow guests and people which live in the house to pet or even speak to the other dogs without it (labradoodle) to jump or bite you. I recommend this dog in families without smaller animals.
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