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Differenc ein size?

Hi, What is the difference in size bethween a regular labradoodle vs a mini labradoodle? Is there a guarantee that a mini labradoodle will be significantly smaller? How can one tell from looking at a pup? Thank you!

    In Labradoodle - Asked by Anonymous - 11/25/2012 12:20:57 PM
Usually a mini Labradoodle is defined as one who will be between 20-35 pounds full grown. A medium is 35-50 pounds and a standard is 45 pounds on up. Usually the best way to determine the size of a puppy is the parents sizes, but there are exceptions. Because Poodles are on of the parent breeds of Labradoodles and they come in a variety of sizes there is a lot of variability in the size of puppies.
    Answered by kylabradoodles - 11/29/2012 11:59:34 PM