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I know someone with a labradoodle and this dog is NOT intelligent , it has a hard time with...

I know someone with a labradoodle and this dog is NOT intelligent , it has a hard time with discipline. The dog has a very high energy level and I feel this has lead to other negative issues. The dog also jumps on people and bites. I would not recommend this dog with kids. The dog also is good around other dogs but will not share or allow other dogs in house to have a bone, etc. Please do not recommend this mixed breed to families with small kids and active families that have a lot of guest.

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Your description of the dog is unfortunate and may be more about the owner than the dog. I have a labradoodle and he has never been aggressive with people or other dogs about anything let alone food. Our labradoodle is WONDERFUL around children of all ages. He is calm and gentle and has never bitten any people or dogs. He gets along very well with other dogs. He has no food agression. He shares food, bones, dog beds without issue. He has a very high energy level which requires two daily walks/runs or swims. I would absolutely recommend a properly trained and cared-for labradoodle to any household with children and active families. I would not recommend this breed to anyone that doesn't have a medium sized yard for the dog to romp and run around in or does not have the time to take the dog for walks/runs or swims. This breed absolutely needs daily exercise or I could see where the un-expelled energy could be perceived as bad behavior. Not the dogs fault.
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I agree with the previous person who responded that it is more than likely the owner than the dog. All dogs can be a little different but Labradoodles in general are an awesome family pet if bred and raised correctly. Most Labradoodles are very intelligent and NEED a job or they will get bored. Obedience training, agility training, or just about anything the dog will keep his brain active and feel like he has 'a job'. Labradoodles are Lab and Poodle (working dogs)and do require daily exercise, some more than others, just like people. This may be walk in park, game of fetch, swimming, etc. All these activities get the humans off the couch and's a WIN-WIN!!
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Hmm, first standard poodles are a NON-sporting breed and Labradors are a sporting breed; not working dogs. Second I know several owners with this mixed breed and they ALL match the description above, bark a lot, jumping on people, etc. I am part of a family which has been breeding different dogs (setters, shepherds, etc.) and training dogs for shows, etc. for over 50 years and I and all others agree with the above. Intelligence is not just the ability to learn but the ability to remember what you have have taught the dog and to repeat what it has learned.
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I had my labradoodle (Dood) for almost 9 yrs, my girls were 8 and 11 when we brought him home. he was a smart dog! He died of cancer yesterday, he never bite nor jumped on people. Well behaved and accepted a newborn (now 2) into the home with no problem. Now I had a Golden doodle that was as described above. a 90 lb demon dog from hell. I'd take a labradoodle anytime.
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My family and I have a 6-month old Labradoodle (male). I have a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. He is the 1st puppy that I am raising and I have to say, it's been a bit of a challenge considering that he already weighs in at 60 lbs and is about the height of my son. But I have to agree with some of the other responders, this breed does have high energy and needs ALOT of attention (play time). The breeder that we got him from recommended "professional" training and it seems to help. He does jump, bark and "nip" when he wants someone to play with him so we are working on getting that "corrected" but this breed is a VERY SMART breed and will be a life long companion IF you're willing to "invest" the time in proper training.
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Dogs are all different but I am noticing a lot of negative temperament issues with this mixed breed dog; jumping, biting, aggressive, etc. I hate to say, but why do we play God and try to create new mixes without understanding BOTH the good and the BAD with each one. Labs are great with people, etc, and poodles are very active and bark a lot; WHY?
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