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I purchased a labradoodle at 9 wks. old. Not from a breeder. The owner owns the sire a blk...

I purchased a labradoodle at 9 wks. old. Not from a breeder. The owner owns the sire a blk poodle and breeded with a yellow lab. This is the 2nd litter the mom has had. He is awesome, i just dont think he got the curly gene, he looks like a yellow lab with a small beard and some extra hair hanging around his ears and fluff hair on body. Crazy about him just very disappointed about the coat, really love the doodle look. Down his back the hair looks course. Do you think he will have any long hair or curls as he grows up?

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I recently purchased a 12 week old labradoodle from a breeder. She is black with a bit wave in her fur and she also has a little beard. The breeder said that she may get a little more wave in her coat but she won't be curly like some other labradoodles. Every dog is different and your dog may get more curl but this is what my breeder told me. Hope this helps!
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From what you said, you have an F1 (1st generation Labradoodle). At only 9 weeks of age it is very difficult to say exactly what your puppy's mature coat will be for sure. However, from your description and being an F1, your puppy may have a 'flat' coat and may shed. Your puppy's coat will go through numerous coat changes during the first year and only time will tell. I personally have 3 f1's(2 Labradoodles and 1 Goldendoodle) and they all shed to varying degrees. I breed 2nd and 3rd generation puppies for this reason. Rarely do my puppies shed and they have the thick wavy to loose curly coats you(and many others) were hoping for. Labradoodles of all generations are normally sweet, intelligent, loving, and very devoted dogs.
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Sounds similar to my dog. He looked like a yellow lab pup with a few wild hairs going "ping" from his ears and face. He has grown into a 108lb puppy at now 2.5 years old. The hair on his back is appricot in color and appears course yet it is actually quite soft. The rest of his hair is much lighter and wavey. And yes he indeed does shed. Actually mainly just the darker hair on his back. The facial hair grows quite long and I choose to trim the hair out of his eyes.
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