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My family will be getting a goldendoodle in the Spring of 2012. I already have my breeder...

My family will be getting a goldendoodle in the Spring of 2012. I already have my breeder picked out and have seen her puppies in person. They are absolutely perfect in every way. The only thing left is to wait and decide if we get a boy or girl. I have 3 boys, they will be 11, 9 and 5 when we get our puppy. My hope is we add a fun loving, loyal, forever friend to my boys' lives. I would love to add a splash of pink to the household, for myself. In your opinions, would a boy or girl dog be a better fit for our family. We are busy, going to lots of activities and would like a friendly dog that likes to meet others. Thanks for your thoughts!

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I personally don't think the sex makes a big difference with the goldendoodle. We have a female for our 14yo son and the two have a wonderful relationship. She loves everyone in the family and is extremly affectionate. While I do not like the dog to jump on me, the children encourage her to "give them hugs" and dance with them. She knows she is not allowed to jump on me and I never have to tell her no, yet she is all over the kids when they play with her. She is very intelligent and while she is full of energy when we want her to be, she is very well behaved when asked. I've had many different breeds throughout the years and while I've loved them all, I think the goldendoodle is by far my favorite.
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I agree, I don't think sex matters, personality matters, so when you go to pick out a goldendoodle puppy, get the breeder to take them all out and walk around you. The more excited ones which you think may be more playful are usually excited as adolescents and older, the second one I got, I did that, took them all out of their pen and watched them for a few minutes, I picked a nice quiet girl, that layed back away from the pack, and she is proving to be a calm little puppy so far. good luck
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I have a female Goldendoodle. She is 14 months old. There are 3 males and 1 female in my family,I felt out numbered that is why i got a female. i hope your family has lots and lots of energy to give. My Goldendoole Zoey is always so full of energy and gets into everything she is not to be. From the first day i got her I have regretted it. except in the past 2 months she has been getting better. i know given another year and I will regret saying those words. However i would never give her up. She is very loving. Taking her for walks and getting an electric fence so she can run and play ball has been a big help. Lots of luck to you and your family and your new Goldendoole.
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