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Hi, I have a 3 month old goldendoodle, and she has been having some throwing up of undigested...

Hi, I have a 3 month old goldendoodle, and she has been having some throwing up of undigested food in the early morning. It's somewhat digested but not totally. She is fine in the day and at bedtime. She eats terribly fast though, and drinks alot of water??

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Hm I'm no expert but I've recently read that Goldendoodles can suffer from 'Gastric Torsion', I believe it's caused my the dog eating or drinking too fast/too much. It's better to feed Goldendoodle's four smaller meals throughout the day, and not let them graze as they please on water/kimble etc. "This health issue can be deadly for your Goldendoodle. It comes on suddenly. The stomach fills with air and begins to twist." So I'd definitely see a vet about this asap!
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If you let your goldendoodle have his bowl of food and bowl of water filled all day, he will soon realize that there always is food available. Then he will relax and stop eating fast. Good luck
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Thanks, but my goldendoodle would never graze, her water is available all day, but she would eat non stop, I left an almost empty bag of beneful on a table and somehow she jumped up and got it, when I came home the bag was empty, but she was ok, she pooped a lot, but didn't throw up. She hasn't thrown up for over a week now, so I guess its worked itself out. Thanks for your responses though. Working on the jumping up now lol, they sure keep you busy :)
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Put the dog food in a muffin tray. Each different muffin spot put some food. Your goldendoodle should eat the food slower because it is not simply laid in one bowl. But, in several different cups. This can work with lots of things.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/5/2012 3:11:17 PM