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I bought my mini australian shpeherd from a breeder and I am trying to figure out if its a toy...

I bought my mini australian shpeherd from a breeder and I am trying to figure out if its a toy or a mini because they said the dad was a toy and the mom was a mini and I am just very curious what size he is going to be so if you can tell me what size a toy is a 4 months and what size a mini is at 4 months and also where do i measure what to haha because I don't understand how to measure dogs -Kat and Ozzy

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The general formula for predicting adult size is to multiply their height at 8 to 10 weeks by 1.5 give or take 1 inch. It's difficult to give you a size that they should be at 4 months because they are still maturing, and puppies will mature at different rates. Predictions on adult size and proportions can be best made at 8 weeks, as the puppy is as close to its adult proportions at 8 weeks as it will ever be until it is an adult. You should contact your breeder, as they would be able to give you the best prediction based on the size of the parents and the size of puppies from previous litters.
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Your puppy should be measured at the shoulder. An easy way to do this is to hold your pup against a flat surface like a door or wall and mark the spot with a pencil right at their shoulder. Once you have the mark in place, you can use your tape measure to determine the height. A Toy Aussie will be 12" or less at the shoulder. A Mini Aussie will be up to 18" at the shoulder. In regards to size. A rule of thumb could be that they will mature in the range of the parents. However, this is not always the case and you can have a dog much smaller or much larger than both parents. I have found that our pups are as tall as they are going to be by around 6 months.
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