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I am 21 yrs old and live in a one bedroom apt and am thinking about getting a mini australian...

I am 21 yrs old and live in a one bedroom apt and am thinking about getting a mini australian shepherd. Also I have never owned a dog before, and read they may not be a good first dog. However, I have always wanted one and am fully willing to put in the time to exercise him mentally and physically. I have plenty of time to spend with the pup now, but in 8 months I will be moving, and starting an 8-5 job, so the dog would most likely be alone all day at this time(except lunch). Would it be a good idea for me to get one now, or could the dog become depressed and cause problems in 8 months when I have to leave him alone most the day? I will still be able to exercise him but I didn't know if the sudden change would bother him? Also I was wondering about what the average cost of owning a mini is a month(food, vet, etc.). Thanks for any advice!

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I would try to get a toy aussie (small mini). Mine doesn't seem to need a lot of exercise -- and he's so little, we can play fetch in the living room/hall way. We are a family of 5, but 2 are in college, 1 in high school and both my husband and I work. He is EXTREMELY excited to see us return home, but doesn't mind the kennel at all. He actually sees me pick up my purse and trots to the kennel without hesitation to get his "good bye" treat. I don't close the door anymore, because he's proven himself responsible alone (1 1/2 yrs), but it's a way for me to signal that I am going out. I'm not sure if I got lucky because I got my toy at a pet store, and he was 7 months old! Broke my heart to see a dog in a cage for sooo long. We previously had a black lab who could never to be trusted to be in the house alone. I loved my first dog, but this AUSSIE is the best dog EVER!!!
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I got one of my Minis when I was living in an apartment before I started working. She did very well when I was home but when I did start working she would throw a temper-tantrum and pee on the carpet everyday before I left for work even though she was potty trained. After a few months she settled down a bit. They do need a lot of exercise if they are stuck in a apartment all day and if they don't have enough to do they tend to get desctuctive. We ended up getting another mini for a play mate but they tend to get noisey when they play. If you really want a mini aussie, I would recommend lots of exercise whenever you can and always have something for the pup to chew on, sticks tend to be popular but are messy. Also, I would gradually get the dog used to you being away after she/he is trained so there will be less issues with you leaving all day.
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