Whippet Question

will whippet dogs run away and not come back

are whippets good with kids They don't turn on you? do they?

    In Whippet - Asked by Anonymous - 11/15/2012 2:33:57 AM
Whippets will usually come back, if they remember where they came from. A good long range training collar should be used to condition them to stop. NEVER let a Whippet out in an open field next to a road as Whippets will chase anything anywhere. A school field that is fenced in should be good also open terrain if you can keep them in sight, again the training collar to stop them. Whippets are excellent around children above six or seven years old as Whippets have delicate bones so can be hurt very easily. Whippets will never "turn" on their owners (or anyone else for that matter), they are intelligent but timid dogs and very submissive.
    Answered by n6641 - 12/30/2013 1:41:18 AM