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I'm 13 years old and my parents are thinking about getting me a dog. I like the Westie and also...

I'm 13 years old and my parents are thinking about getting me a dog. I like the Westie and also the Border Terrier. I was wondering if the Westie will sleep with you, and also if won't bite or snap too much. Thank you!

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I have two westies one is a year old and sleeps with the granddaughter. She is very lively and sleeps until the granddaughter gets up. Granddaughter is 14 and sleeps late. Our other westie is 8 mths and has been sick since we bought her. she's very different although sleeps with me she will snap and depending how she feels she is quiet. We had westies when we were kids and they all slept with us and their personalities were all very different. They are loyal but busy dogs.
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Westies love to sleep with someone. I have never raised a westie that bites or snaps. I have had families allow the dogs to boss them around as puppies and they could become snappy, but its been very rarely, and always someone who has allowed the puppy to do what it wants when it wants from the begining. To have a terrier, any terrier (plus many other types of dogs too) you need to be the alpha, not the dog. Watch Cesar Milan "The Dog Wisperer" on TV. They are very easy to train, fun and very loving. They are smart enough to train you if your not careful. The Art of Raising a Puppy, by the Monks of New Skeet is an excellent book on training or any breed of dog.
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My Westie Duncan would sleep on my head or between my legs. He would not go to sleep without me. Westies that I have had (2) become so loyal to you that they normaly seem to bond to one person more than anyone. So if you play withyour westie and show them love. then they will be your best friend and yes they will love to sleep with you. Also they will sleep on heater vents or anywhere warm they can rest there bare belly on because they have no fur there. so thats also a reason they love to snuggle with people. With a westie you will not be dissapointed.
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My Westie Duncan (also!) sleeps in the bed with me but does not crave contact. If I touch him, he will move to another part of the bed! He has only snapped at me when I am too much in his face or make a growling noise while I'm playing. I think it's playful, but he has bit my lip.
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Westies if you bond with them enough they will sleep with you and they can be a bit nippy if you irritate it putting butter on your hands should work
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