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We live in Margate, Fl. and I know nothing about breeders, etc. Friends say to stay away from...

We live in Margate, Fl. and I know nothing about breeders, etc. Friends say to stay away from puppy mills. Don't know what that is as to me it has to start somewhere. Please help my husband and I to locate "Ceasar" like on the purple dog food bag. He is all white, and we prefer a female, but that is ok if not. We want all white and very, very small. We plan to have him groomed regular and cut just like "Cesar." We are alone now and the company and love we have to offer is great. Many thanks!

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Very, very small is not a likely westie to start with. Breeding to the smaller dog can cause health problems. As far as puppy mills, you should be able to go to the breeders home, check on the cleanliness, care of the dogs, get a feel for the breeder. Are they knowledgeable about the breed, do they act like they care for the dogs or just want to get them sold. Do your homework, learn about the breed before you decide you want one. They are cute and wonderful little dogs, but can be stubborn to train if you aren't consistent; they need grooming regularly to stay healthy and happy; and they need time and attention to be the kind of dog in the commercial. As a breeder, I check on the homes they are going to, who they will live with, what kind of care they will be given, and how knowledgeable the buyer is to the best of my ability. Every one of the pups is part of my family from day one, and I want them to have a wonderful life with their new family.
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"Ceasar" is a West Highland White Terrier, "Westie" for short. I have a Westie. Strong willed dogs.You need to get one from a reputable breeder for its health. I suggest-go online to the "West Highland White Terrier Club of America", read up. Get name of "Westie Rescue" person in area, call her/him. Ask questions, offer to babysit one a few days, see if this breed of dog is for you. Find out who is a good breeder in your area-- for a healthy, happy dog. Good luck. Westies are wonderful, they are not tiny, are very independent; do not like to sit on laps long. Are affectionate, but want their space. My Westie loves me so much she follows me around the house all day, but she wants her own bed.
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I agree with the other response. Westies are normally 12 to 20 pounds, tiny is not right for a westie. If you cant visit the breeder in person ask for references from other people who have adopted a dog from them, and/or their vet. A puppy mill is someone who breeds dogs strickly for profit with no reguard to the care, health or wellfare of the dogs they have. Such as; tiny dirty cages, matted so bad the dogs cant see, illness or injury not treated by a vet, ect. They also often dont care about the quality of the dog as long as it has puppies they breed it.
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