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We rescued a sick Westie puppy from a puppy mill pet shop. The vet has been treating her for...

We rescued a sick Westie puppy from a puppy mill pet shop. The vet has been treating her for pneumonia and what seems to be an immune deficiency since her response to antibiotics has been minimal - although after 4 months she is finally improving. She eats dry dog food and we can get her to eat some baby food. Other than that she will eat nothing else. Her weight is a concern she still only weighs 5lbs 9 oz. Any suggestions? Thankyou Susan

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Try chicken , lamb or duck jerky. It wil have no allergens and may help your westie gain a little weight. Due to her conditions before you got her, she may never be full size.
    Answered by brani6 - 7/13/2011 9:55:39 AM

I dont know what kind of dry food you feed. Your Westie would benefit from an excellent quality brand like Holistic Select or one of the organic ones. Without a blood test there is no way to know what she is allergic too. It can be any meat, grain, tree, grass, ect, or nothing at all. The pneumonia may have damaged her lungs as a baby or she may have a genetic disorder/disease yet undiagnosed, or allergies adding to her problems. Her weight doesnt mean as much as her condition (if she feels boney or solid.) If shes thin a TBSP extra animal fat daily with quality dry food may help.
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My Westie Just crossed the rainbow bridge at 10 yrs old I got him at 6 weeks old with kennel cough and paraistes and pneumonia He made it Check out the Westie Diet on the WestieRescue site of Orange County in Ca If she will take baby food there is hope JoAnn I still have a 5 yr old female
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