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We have a Weimaraner mix (black lab and Anatolian Shepherd maybe) and she is really aggressive...

We have a Weimaraner mix (black lab and Anatolian Shepherd maybe) and she is really aggressive towards other dogs, and also charges at the window whenever anyone goes by, even if they are walking. She has recently bitten someone. She's 18 months old; we've had her since she was 2 months. Is there hope in training her to like or at least tollerate other dogs and people outside of our family?

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You must nip this in the bud and yes there is hope trust me as i've recued 2 weims with aggressive behavior...first off something has happened to your dog with or with out you knowing to make her this way...an incident where now she thinks she has to be on guard all the time and be the aggressor before she gets hurt...with that said you must put her in situations on leash where she is uncomfortable and correct her every time she shows signs of aggression...the you must make her walk with the dog she doesnt like so your telling her shes not the boss you are of the pack...there are corrective collars out there that are great..such as tri-tronics...remote dog collars that have a hand held radio and the dog wears a collar. I personally own this and think they are brillant look up the company and have a look but it alls you to instanly correct behavior even off leash which makes you thanksful...you can even give an audio warning to them prior to correcting...its like an invisable leash!
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Thank you for your advice on helping our dog Xena. She has shredded my living room curtains and scratched the trim, but she is doing much better since I have been using the word "quiet" when she gets in a tizzy about someone going by and I speak it in a quiet voice or I say "Hush Xena" and then I reward her for not barking. My husband installed an electric fence to keep her from charging out of the yard after people/vehicles - she got zapped a couple of times and now won't go near the flags. I will look at getting the collor you mentioned. She recently attacked a teenage boy that my husband and I were talking to - he had her on a leash and we were going down to the water and out of the blue she lunged at him. Her behavior is so unpredictable - it really stresses me out. She has been fine with people/kids that come to the house though and she's good with our family, but I don't want a dog that attacks people for no reason.
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My vet just here lately told me that we got lucky with our weim. Doesnt have a nasty Bone in his body. He told us weim are known for being aggressive. I didnt know this. my dog is great with all people and animals. He has been known to still baby kittens and take care of them. Weims are so easy to train and so willing to learn new things. Just keep working with your baby. It takes a patient person to own a weim. But well worth it.
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