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I have a Weimaraner that is just over a year old that sleeps out side and every morning at...

I have a Weimaraner that is just over a year old that sleeps out side and every morning at around 5:30-6:00 am he's cries what can I do to make him stop?

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Separation anxiety. We have a Weimaraner who sleeps outside our bedroom door but knows the word bed and goes very obediently and he knows that when we are in bed he cannot come in. while we watch tv he comes in for a cuddle til bedtime then we get restful sleep and he knows where we are
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We have had several Weimaraners and they were both treated like members of the family. Could the dog have a cushion / mat / pad inside the family room, the den, someplace in the house? I am sure your Weimie just wants to be part of the family. He's probably been asleep since dark and wants to get the day going, be fed, etc. They are also not an overly warm breed and need good blankets in the winter. Our dog uses a blanket in the house all winter -- and we live in Florida. Do yourself a favor and include your dog into your household. I don't think you will regret it and you will have a grateful, loyal-for-life canine companion. Weimies need emotional bonding and care and support from their owners. They are much more sensitive than many standard breeds -- and they love to feel the love. Be generous! And enjoy for the rest of his life!
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My Weimanraner does not sleep outside. She has a bed beside mine and stays there all night. Please bring her in at night. She should not be outside. SHe is pet and a companion.
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Why is the Weimaraner sleeping outside? They are indoor dogs. They want to be with thier "family"! They are NOT a breed you can leave outside as they do not have to coat for it, and they are sensitive and emotional! They live to be a part of your family and are happiest when they are included! A Weimaraner will be a happy and emotionally healthy when kept as part of the family in the home. If you leave a Weimaraner outside alone for long periods of time, you will do damage to the psyche! PLEASE bring the dog IN! Give her or him a bed or a comfy chair and treat it as a family member. You will have the greatest friend GOD ever made for man!
    Answered by riostarz - 10/4/2012 8:25:05 AM