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Just got our 1st Weimaraner 4 days ago, she was rescued from getting sent to pound< she is 6...

Just got our 1st Weimaraner 4 days ago, she was rescued from getting sent to pound< she is 6 months old, they think, I have 5 children ranging from 16 to 16 months, she has been great, and we are a full energy family, so she fits well, and came house broke, but that is the only thing she is. I have only trained German Shepherds, and she is very different from them, her attention span is very short, is it too late to get he to stop jumping, and learn basic commands? what are the best ways to teach her.. Thank you.

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My Weimaraner puppy was the same way! They only respond to positive reinforcement, never being scolded. The best thing I ever did was buy a harness to train her not to jump. It is not like a traditional harness but one that fits around the muzzle. The leash attatches to a ring under the mouth. It is perfectly loose when they stand properly but pulls their head down when they pull on the leash or jump up. They hate the head being pulled so they stop doing it! I put it on her for walks and whenever new people were around and with a lot of praise she didnt jump for the 12 years we had her. We are expecting a new pup next month and I will be doing the same thing. Good luck.
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I got my weimaraner at 10 months and he used to jump all the time. After doing all the usual ignoring and making him sit before greeting he doesnt jump up at the family or visitors. He still does it with me who he has chosen as the pack leader but i am trying treats when i come in to settle him and stop the jumping but you need plenty of time to sort it out. My youngest child is 13 so i didnt have the same problem as yourself with a toddler
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Weims are very eager to learn no matter the age. Use treats something that your dog really loves. Just do one command at a time. Once he/ she masters one then move on to another one. I taught mine to use his in door voice when inside. A little patience goes a long way with weims.
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