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Does the Tibetan Terrier breed ever have blue eyes and a nose that is kind of eggplant colored?...

Does the Tibetan Terrier breed ever have blue eyes and a nose that is kind of eggplant colored? I'm trying to figure out what me dog is. He looks like this one.

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The breed standard for the Tibetan Terrier requires that the dog have black eyes and a black nose. I have never seen one with blue eyes or a different color nose.
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/16/2011 1:40:43 AM

Hi there, My Tibetan Terrie has one blue eye and one brown. A couple of them had this same thing in the litter. I have also seen a TT from the Farmland, IL breeder that had two blue eyes. Now, they cannot be a show dog if they have blues but it does happen. Hope this helps. =) ~Stefanie from Seattle
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/27/2011 2:22:44 AM

What we thought was a mutt must be mostly Tibetan Terrier. We were told his mother was a white german shepherd with blue eyes and his father was a wire haired terrier. Our boy is long with bowed legs like a bassett. He is marked like a border collie. He is silver and white/blue eyes, his brother was black and white/brown eyes and his sister was brown and white/blue eyes. They all have the tibetan coat and face with a fluffy curved up tail. They have alot of energy and stamina and I have seen them run several miles in a days time. I have also seen them handle the weight of pits and malamutes in play and not waiver. The only issue I have is our boy has an extreme underbite and very crooked teeth, sort of like a shihtzu. Maybe he is a mutt, but he has great characteristics of the breed.
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/11/2011 12:06:54 AM

Our full pedigree TT has 2 blue eyes. The original reservers of him saw him as a puppy with blue eyes and rejected him because they couldn't show him. Their loss because he is the most gorgeous boy and our family wouldn't be without him. He is also stands about 2 inches taller at the shoulder than our second TT who is breed standard. But both have black noses, hope this helps
    Answered by Anonymous - 12/11/2011 5:59:12 AM

My dog Azura has ice blue eyes and I'm 99% sure she's a Tibetan. If anyone wants to trade pictures of their blue eyed Tibetans to compare, email me at x70x@msn.com -Michael
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/15/2012 5:02:30 PM