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Hi,, i have a male silky and im currently living in an apartment.....i have trained him to pee...

Hi,, i have a male silky and im currently living in an apartment.....i have trained him to pee and poo in the toilet, but whenever we are not at home or sometimes even at home, he goes pee around the edges of the sofa, doors, kitchen cabinet and what ever he can find.... and after he does that ill bring him to the place where he has peed and scold him telling him not to do it..... he gets scared and he actually is smart as he knows that he has done something wrong, but the next day he does it again....pls help

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Your silky is marking his territory. It's normal for a male dog to do that. I would say get him neutered
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/6/2011 9:39:49 PM

ok,but is there a another way around where anything else can be done , before getting him neutered
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/11/2011 1:26:12 AM

Your training method is obviously NOT working. I'd consider taking your silky outside more and feeding him on a regular schedule. Neutering would also help A LOT. He is marking his territory. Neutering will also prevent accidental puppies, running away, jumping, and a lot more behavioral issues. There are many places that will neuter him for a low cost. If your training method isn't working and he's getting scared, try a method called the positive reinforcement method. Famous dog trainer Victoria Stillwell has a website called If you search around the website for awhile, you will find an answer.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/18/2011 5:16:16 PM

I believe your silky gets frantic or separation anxiety when you are gone and does whatever to get your attention. He may be a dog that will not do well as a single pet. For a small dogs and children toilets are scary things especially to face alone. Take your dog outside to do business and above all take the time it takes. If you cannot due to work or whatever, you have the wrong breed of dog or the wrong dog for you.
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/20/2012 2:35:58 PM