Siberian Husky Question

why wont my husky shed

I have a 2 year old white husky he has NEVER shed it seems like he only had an undercoat.1 is that possible. It seems like his fur is breaking off or falling out in patches any idea why

    In Siberian Husky - Asked by Anonymous - 3/4/2013 10:11:18 PM
It sounds like your husky has a medical condition called Hair Follicle Dysplasia. In Malamutes it's called Coat Funk. It is not curable and your dog should be seen by a vet right away. There are some things you can do to help him, such as adding supplements to his diet, but this is something he will have the rest of his life. It is not that uncommon in the breed and it usually affects males that are at least a few years old.
    Answered by paws4Hisglory - 5/27/2013 11:08:43 AM