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I have 2 AKC registered Siberian Husky's - 1 male 1 female. I'm Getting into breeding them and...

I have 2 AKC registered Siberian Husky's - 1 male 1 female. I'm Getting into breeding them and have been doing much Research on the breed, Their Strengths and Weakness. What they are prone too and what not. Can anyone let me know if there are MUST knows before I do - I want to be 110% sure im going to raise healthy puppies.

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You definitely should get your Siberian Husky's hips x-rayed and rated by the OFA, and they should have an annual CERF eye exam. Genetic eye problems like PRA and cataracts are VERY common in this breed, and any good breeder will screen for this. Since they are recessive, you also want to learn about the dogs in the pedigree so you know if they produced this trait. Genetic epilepsy can also occur, and is something else to look into in dogs in the pedigree. If you find someone who has been in the breed for many years, not just as a backyard breeder but someone who is a good steward of the breed (usually these people show or work their dogs on a regular basis, and belong to the AKC parent club SHCA). Having a good mentor is one of the best things a person considering breeding can do.
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we have had huskies in the past. about 20 years ago we got another, smugly thinking we know all about huskies. well, we have since learned how much they like to play games, how athletic they are, how stubborn/willful, alpha prone thinking, and love to challenge and talk to their "master". pack oriented, center of attention, determined and silly fun and not a lot of work, that is, grooming. we love how they do not smell, are very fastidious; we do not love how they never give up on any idea they have! our only regret, we weren't more athletic, they run like the wind, put their heads down and never look up until they are tired and don't have a clue how to get back to their pack!
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