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My wife and myself just bought our first house and are looking to get our first dog also. We are...

My wife and myself just bought our first house and are looking to get our first dog also. We are thinking about getting a husky. We live in a secluded area on a 3 acre lot. There is plenty of room for it to roam around however it is too big of a property to fence off. I know from what i read about huskys being escape artists and being able to jump fences. Does anyone think that i can train them or trust them to play outside and not run away and not return home.

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Oh heavens no, you MUST have a secure fence for this breed. Husky's are runners even with good training, and it would just be a short life with a tragic for a husky in an unfenced yard. To them, a nice run around the area may be a 10 mile jaunt, and even with good training they will leave the yard. They have high prey drive and a high urge to run for miles and no amount of training will completely undo their genetic instincts. I have trained my dogs to advanced levels of obedience yet would never risk their lives by letting them loose in unfenced areas. I have owned this breed for 25+ years and while I love them, I will admit they are not the easiest for just a family pet. I have always built large, secure fenced areas for mine and kept them safe. I current have two acres fenced with 6 foot fence, and that keeps my dogs safely and happily contained. If you can't or won't built a secure fence, please consider another breed.
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i have 2 white huskys and a four foot fence and one of them only jump it if there are people on the other side and she does not go far. i would not trust them running around but i do have a friend that has a husky that stays around. if i were you i would build the fence. even if it is part of the yard for now
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maybe a wireless collar system would work? that way you don't have to put up the fence and they wouldn't jump it?
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Install an Invisable Fence, I have it and it is awsome!!!
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I adopted a Husky from an animal shelter a few years ago. He was 6 to 8 months at the time. They are knotheads but they are trainable, yes they will run but you can teach them not to. They take a lot of time and patience, so if you are short on either one , do not consider a husky. With enough time and patience, suddenly they will look at you as if to say "Oh you wanted me to behave, well why didn't you say so." We traveled all over the country in an RV with our husky and he learned very quickly where each boundry was on our sites. No fence,no electrical thingamabob. Just patience. He lived to be 17 years old and was the joy of my life
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No, no, no! I have a Siberian. She escapes from her 8x10 outdoor kennel by lifting the door off it's barrel hinges. She takes off in whatever direction looks interesting, and does NOT come back alone. I have been exceedingly lucky that she has been found by people and returned to me. In AKC breed information that is sent with registration, even THEY highly recommend never letting your Siberian off-leash. There are those rare cases though. Also, if you consider installing a fence in one portion, you will need to make it so they cannot climb or jump it, and bury it several feet underground, as they can dig 3ft straight down in a matter of minutes.
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