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I have a Sheltie that has just had a litter of 5 sheltie babies. The mother has been the only...

I have a Sheltie that has just had a litter of 5 sheltie babies. The mother has been the only dog in the house until now (she will be 3 in December) and we are thinking of keeping a puppy for companionship to her. My husband would like to keep a female. Which would be easier and the one she is most likely to get along with better - a male or female?

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Normally if you already have a female adult dog and you want to bring in another adult dog a male would be better. Females tend to be more territorial towards other adult females. But since its a puppy there should be no reason why a female wouldnt be fine just because the mother will grow up with it and be more accepting to a puppy rather than an adult dog.So either female or male it doesnt really matter.
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I would say that you need to make the decision as the mother will play with her pups and correct them too. I have several shelties, females and two males and I have to say that my females are better with the puppies as they will teach them alot. so the sex really does not matter, how ever what does matter is that if you keep a male then you need to fix him so that he does not breed to his mother. that is a huge no in the breeding field. good luck,
    Answered by goldenskip - 11/28/2011 10:46:06 PM

She won't stay a puppy forever...untimately, you'll have two females and the same territorial behavior could crop up. While there are solutions like training or just keeping them separate, a male sheltie would be the easier choice.
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Probably a female. I have a 9 year old Sheltie and a 2 year old German Spitz mix. My Sheltie absouletely HATES male dogs. We know this because we wanted to breed her but she HATES male dogs. :(
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We kept a female puppy and she is now 3 months old. Mom still cleans her and puppy still trys to nurse, of course there is no milk but mom still stands there and lets her try. My problem now is that puppy nips at moms heels and jumps on her side and pulls her by her tail pulling her hair out. When they are both outside you cannot play with mom because puppy runs along side her and takes all toys. When you keep one inside to try to play one on one, they miss each other terribly. We seperate them at night to give mom relief. Do you think this behavior will stop? Mom basically lets puppy do anything to her and rarely gets upset. However, and this may sound crazy but mom seems depressed. We are frustrated amd wonder if we have made a mistake keeping a puppy. We love both of them. Any advise?
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