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how long do shelties live? Tintin is now 3 years, 3 months.

how long do shelties live? Tintin is now 3 years, 3 months.

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I have had Shelties for the past 20 years and if you are lucky enough to have a healthy Sheltie they can live up to 20 years. I just lost my 18 year old and then right after her I lost my 17 year old, I still have a 16 year old. I have had 2 that got cancer at the age of 6 so you never know and you count your blessings each day you have wih them.
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The normal life expectancy for a healthy sheltie is 12-15 years.
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for a healthy sheltie it would be 13- 15 years but they can live up to 20 years old
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/21/2011 8:35:00 PM

shelties can live on average- 24-35 years
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Hey nice question but the person that said that Shetland Sheepdogs live 24-35 years are idiots. That is not how long they live at all. They live like 15-17 usually..... But I had a Sheltie that lived 20 years, and died of of course old age. She was BEAUTIFUL!!! Shelties make great dogs but I do have 1 thing that I don't like how much they shed so you should take them to their groomers every 4 weeks. I know you didn't ask all this but I just love dogs and carry on and on about them!!! LOL! :)
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