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I have the desire to have a sheltie. But I'm afraid cuz I live on a 2 rooms/55m² apartment and I...

I have the desire to have a sheltie. But I'm afraid cuz I live on a 2 rooms/55m² apartment and I work 8h per day away from home. Will he be ok if I walk him 2 time a day? What else I should do to keep him healthy in this environment? It would help if I keep one room for him?

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On a positive note, I've had dogs of various breeds for longer than I care to remember, and I've learned that a do can get used to being alone for about 8 hours a day. But, it's not easy on the dog or you. Housebreaking is harder and, when puppy gets bored, it's "what can I chew on?" They also need exercise. Expect to spend time with him each day playing. Toss a ball or toy in the apartment and be amazed when he starts running happily at full speed from room to room. Definetely take him for walks. Let him sniff and explore. Outside excercise is better. Shelties love to run...and run. And, although shy around at first with other dogs, once thay get to know them, they'll run and play with them. Major downside: Shelties bark at anything. While you are at work, he will bark at any noise he hears. They are great dogs...will curl up at your feet or next to on the couch and are very devoted. And tend to suffer from seperation anxiety.
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Anonymous is correct. Some ideas to consider: a de-barking operation, an anti-bark collar or anti-bark tool that can be installed in the house. My favorite idea: is there a "doggy daycare" in your area? Somewhere your new sheltie can spend the day playing, excersising and not being bored? If there isn't is there any trusted friends, neighbors, family members that it could stay with while you are at work. A note on the separation anxiety: try to keep the daycare schedule about every other day or a few times a week so you dog does learn that it can stay home when neccessary. Varying the daycare schedule will also help a dog from anticipating and then complaining if it doesn't get to go that day.
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