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I have a 12 year old male Sheltie. Of course I am seeing signs of his old age, hearing loss,...

I have a 12 year old male Sheltie. Of course I am seeing signs of his old age, hearing loss, struggles to get up off the floor and most recently he has sores on his body that causes his fur to fall out. I brought him to the vet and the vet said that he can no longer fight bacteria so he gave him antibotics and told me to put neosporin on the sores. I have seen improvement but he still has them. Has anyone else's dog had this and the struggling to get up sympton's? If so what are your remodies?

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Try a product called "Missing Link". It's effects are nothing less than Miraculous. I believe it also comes in a joint/senior formula. My Eskie was mostly bald for about 8 yrs., always constipated and having several seizures a month. The Vets were less than useless; We tried all sorts of supplements. Finally, after seeing this product at Petsmart over the years, I decided to try it. After a couple months, her coat began to fill in and grew in COMPLETELY, no seizures and normal stool. She was like a brand new dog at 10 yrs. old! Petsmart no longer carries it, but you can get it online. I know your dog's symptoms are somewhat different, but this product is a Probiotic formula, which will help any skin/immune condition. The joint/senior formula has glucosamine, which is what I take for my bad knee. It has a well-deserved reputation for restoring joint mobility. Good Luck:-)
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Try looking up Cushings Disease, I just lost my Sheltie last week to this diease and never heard of it; but I took him to a specialty vet or I would have none what was wrong with him, they did try to save with nov avail, if you can get to this early you have hope, but you need to let your vet know
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Change your Sheltie's diet! Do not feed him any dry food that contains corn. It causes skin eruptions. Try Newman's Own Organic dog food. Or Canidae.
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