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We kept a female puppy from my Sheltie's first litter and she is now 3 months old. Mom still...

We kept a female puppy from my Sheltie's first litter and she is now 3 months old. Mom still cleans her and puppy still trys to nurse, of course there is no milk but mom still stands there and lets her try. My problem now is that puppy nips at moms heels and jumps on her side and pulls her by her tail pulling her hair out. When they are both outside you cannot play with mom because puppy runs along side her and takes all toys. When you keep one inside to try to play one on one, they miss each other terribly. We seperate them at night to give mom relief. Do you think this behavior will stop? Mom basically lets puppy do anything to her and rarely gets upset. However, and this may sound crazy but mom seems depressed. We are frustrated amd wonder if we have made a mistake keeping a puppy. We love both of them. Any advise?

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The mother's "depression" is being tired of being a mom, but she hasn't figured out how to stop. That is also why she is submitting to the puppy instead of being the alpa dog. Let them sleep in separate crates beside each other. Keep them separated but always together for a week or two. I mean one loose in the house while the other is in a crate. The pup on a leash outside while mom is loose. Soon you will see mom enjoying her freedom, and she may start disciplining the puppy (which it needs). Fed so they can't get into each other's bowls. You can encourage the natural pecking order by letting mom sleep on the bed with you and having the pup sleep in a crate on the floor beside the bed. Feed mom first, give her treats 1st, talk to her first when you come home, pet her first, take her outside first, everything first for the alpha, make the pup watch and wait. Obedience classes for each one will help both of them feel better.
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Leash train and obedience train the sheltie puppy soon, so it starts submitting to and socializing with people instead of just mom.
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