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How long is a Scottish Terriers life span?

How long is a Scottish Terriers life span?

    In Scottish Terrier - Asked by Anonymous - 10/22/2010 11:11:34 PM
A Scottish Terriers life span is about 10 years
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/29/2010 10:29:03 PM

My first Scottie was a sweet male. I had him for sixteen wonderful years. My second was a precious female and I lost her at 10 to kidney failure.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/15/2010 12:36:12 AM

Scotties have an average life span of 11 - 13 years. I have lost 2 at 11 and currently have 2 older ones 11 & 13 who are doing great. I believe they should be fed well and that will help them live longer... Cheap grocery store brands will not help your Scottie live a long life.
    Answered by lbollengier - 12/17/2010 4:05:30 PM

We just lost our Scottie last week and he was 11. He did have thyroid disease and had liver issues. He was a wonderful dog that did well with our three boys. They are a wonderful breed.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/14/2011 7:06:41 PM