Scottish Terrier Question

When do scottish terriers get their full set of adult teeth.

We bought a scottish terrier pup and were told she is about 5 months old. She has a full set of adult teeth, weighs 11 1/2 lbs. they told us she is 5 months old an put that on the AKC papers. They also said she was a better pick because she has a long body and would be less likely to have a ceascerian section when we breed her. She seems very frightened but they said she was so laid back at the time of our purchase because she is female. We took her to a vet within the 72 hour period required. She was very constipated and required xrays. She cost an $130 in addition to her purchase price of $600. They also said since she was a puppy she had been on a variety of dog foods and I need not worry about changing dog food. These people are members of a breeding club. Please help.

    In Scottish Terrier - Asked by Anonymous - 3/12/2013 12:28:03 PM
There isn't really a question in your question. Your vet is the only one that can help you in this situation. If there is something wrong with the pup, then a good breeder will refund you. Scottish Terrier's should have their adult teeth by 6 months.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/16/2014 3:06:36 PM