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I had a miniature schnauzer for years who recently died. I loved the dog very much, but...

I had a miniature schnauzer for years who recently died. I loved the dog very much, but honestly, I always wanted a bigger dog. Is the giant schnauzer's temperment similar to the mini's? How affectionate is the dog typically?

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No, I have both dog breeds and they are vastly different dogs. The Giant can be destructive and demands your time and attention. They need lots of exercise and can "take over" the place in you are not careful. I love my two miniatures and my Giant but be prepared, they are worlds apart in needs and temperament.
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My grandmother has mini's schnauzers and I have a 14 month old Giant Schnauzer. My experience has been different than the other response. My Giant has been a better temperament than the mini's. As young pup she was so much fun but grew so fast she slept a lot more. Around 8-12 months she was really frisky but still fun. She loves attention but all my dogs do. She was never destructive and she trained super easy, we only had 2 accidents in the house ever. She likes to walk and play but it is not an all day demanding of attention. I find her easier than my gramma's minis, definitely sweeter.
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I'm only slightly familiar with the smaller schnauzers. I found them annoying, since they bark a lot and are not friendly to people outside their family. I had a giant. She never barked and never, NEVER would she be inclined to bite, no matter what the situation. She was wonderful and gentle with kids. She didn't need "socializing" to be perfectly social. She scared visitors because of her size (but would not have defended us!) She was SO smart!!, but I suppose the smaller schnauzers may be, too. She had a calm demeanor, but was very playful. I've had about 6 breeds in my life, and have known other people's dogs over the last 50 years, and I cannot imagine a better breed. IMAO, I think the smaller schnauzers have a "small dog personality" (nippy, noisy & arrogant.) You will NOT be sorry with a giant.
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