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I'm looking to get either a Samoyed or an American Eskimo. Which breed would be better for an...

I'm looking to get either a Samoyed or an American Eskimo. Which breed would be better for an apartment, we are home all day and she will get plenty of exercise on walks. We have a 2 year old daughter. We prefer the dog that barks less and sheds less.

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I presently have an Eskie and she is nearly 14 years old. She has been a great dog, although a little rough-watch your Eskie around children as they can easily knock them over. My Eskie barks quite a bit when people come over and does not do well when people ignore her. A word of warning, my Eskie has developed diabetes and requires two injections, exactly 12 hours apart each day. I have been told they are especially prone to this disease. She has had it for over a year and has done very well. Good luck, I think they are the most beautiful dogs. Try to find a mixture of Eskie and Collie. They best of both worlds, and beautiful. Good luck
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I have both.... the Samoyed will be the best choice for a child. My Samoyed does not bark, well, rarely but my American Eskimo seems to be a bit yappy... Shedding, don't get either... Everything you own will forever be white and fuzzy. The Eskimo is the best for an apartment, I have lived in an apartment the past 4 years with both of my dogs. I put a doggie door in the sliding glass door, it allows them to go outside freely... you'd be surprised how often the do go out there. Before I moved here, I lived in a house, had the doggie door and a deck, big back yard and guess where my lovely ladies wanted to be? inside. If you're in a home or an apartment, you have to walk them and not a 5 minute trip around the block, the Samoyed needs 45 minutes.
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Samoyeds are great family dogs with kids. But they were breed to pull sleds and herd... SO I would advise getting a very mellow samoyed who is not a alpha or hyper dog. They exist; just have to find a good breeder who knows temperment and their bloodlines well. American Eskimos are less coat but are more "spitzy" in temperment. Just do research on the breed and the breeders you contact for both breeds.
    Answered by snoden - 8/31/2012 1:52:00 PM