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I have a Saint Bernard and she is 10months old. She was 1 month old when she came to us. She...

I have a Saint Bernard and she is 10months old. She was 1 month old when she came to us. She does'nt like to eat much. Right now, we are feeding her Royal Canine dog food, Chicken and Chicken liver. Then boiled eggs, Paneer. As advised by our Vetenarin we are giving Calcium, protein syrups and syrup for coat. But still she is skinny. I want to know what should be the height and weight of her right now?? Thanks

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We have worked with rescued Saints of all ages. I would change the food to a high protein puppy food like Nutro & add chicken broth & rice. For Pups not eating we make sure they get tons of exercise (to build muscle and increase appetite) & make a big production out of eating with lots of attention. I have hand fed them at times until they decided the food was worth eating. If nothing is medically wrong with the pup, we also pick up the food after 15-30min of time. The eating schedule is important to let them know "this is the only time to eat until morning". No snacks or treats just toys until the regain interest in food. Hope that helps.
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Actually you should never EVER feed a Saint Bernard puppy food. Saint's go through stages where they are thin and blocky as they grow. It's absolutely vital that you protect their bones. Since they grow so fast it is not recommended that they be fed puppy food or any food with extremely high protein. Also be careful to guard their hips and do not let them jump in and out of trucks/ SUV's while under 2 years of age. Female Saint's are naturally smaller than males. Also, depending on your weather, many dogs slim down during summertime. I wouldn't worry about her weight unless it becomes a problem and you see that she is not eating her food. You should be able to feel her ribs, but not really see them. More than likely, she is in a growth spurt and will fill out nicely before you know it. Please, do some research on what to feed growing Saints. Even research what I've said. It's very important to protect their bones and their joints.
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I would not worry much about your Saint Bernard's size now, and she should be on the thin side more then over weight. At ten months, I call it the hound dog stage they seem to be skinny, anywhere between 60 and 90 lb
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