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Hi we have a 5 1/2month old st bernard male he is house trained no accidents at all as long as...

Hi we have a 5 1/2month old st bernard male he is house trained no accidents at all as long as door is left open! How can we train him to ask to go out? And how many times a day should he be fed. Thanks

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Saints are outdoor dogs - and should mainly be kept out of doors. They will also learn by habit. If you let them out - first thing in the morning and also at 3 in the afternoon - they will learn that that is their time to go out. They actually eat less than you think - feed puppies twice a day and after 1 year - go to once a day. My dogs have always basically fed themselves. When I'm gone most of the day - I just leave their food barrel open and they eat what they want (if they want).
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I think you should just plan on taking your st bernard out every couple of hours until he is older. My big boy is 14 months old now and he goes out first thing in the morning, again before I go to work @ 8:00 am, then at noon when I'm off for lunch, and as soon as I get home at 5:30. He comes to wake us up in the morning if he wants out before we're up, and he acts silly during the day if he wants out, jumping around and looking at the door. I disagree about them being outside dogs though...they are certainly happy to be outside with their families, or if you have a nice yard for him, but they aren't happy to be outside if the family is inside and it will break a saint's heart to be excluded in that way. Our Klaus goes everywhere with us (almost) and when I'm at work, he's in the house, as I don't have a fenced yard (and he would get out anyway).
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My Saint rings a "bell." It was pretty easy to teach as they are super smart. I put a wind chime on the knob of door that he uses. I just left it on the door for about a week so that he heard it every time i took him out and began to assosiate the bell with the door opening. Then I started to hold a cookie behind the chime when he went for the cookie he rang the bell... The door opened and as soon as he went out he got his cookie. Of course this means keeping your door closed and taking him out every hour or so. Young puppies should be fed three times a day. At about six months you should be weening out the middle meal( making it smaller and the other two meals larger) Dogs should be fed twice a day. This helps to prevent bloat (as opposed to one large meal) and also helps establish s bathroom routine (as opposed to open feeding).
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This guy above me says they should be kept outdoors. No way, St. Bernard's are not heat tolerant. They should be allowed to stay out with the option of coming in, but never kept outside, please.
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