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My husband and I recently aquired a 12 week old female Rhodesian Ridgeback. Let me give you...

My husband and I recently aquired a 12 week old female Rhodesian Ridgeback. Let me give you alitle back ground on her. She was born outside and that is where she was kept with very little interaction. She is doing great with house training however she is very shy.. She will not follow you around like other puppies do, she cowers when you move towards her. She loves my grand daughter to pieces and does well with my German Shepherd and my cats. How do I get her to trust us? I know proper socialization is needed but I would like her to trust us first. She doesnt walk on a leash either. Please any suggestions would help. I trained my German Shepherd in Schutzhund so I know all about obedience and how to train with that I am jsut so baffled by how shy and reluctant this poor baby is.. Thank you ahead of time for any suggestions you may have..

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I have had Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs for years. They are very friendly and loyal. Give her time and lots of love she will come around slowly. Play with her every chance you get make her feel. Like one of the family and she will lovenu back form years my first was a male 8 weeks old the second was a female of 8 weeks when my male was 2 years old . My third was one of her puppy's. The grew up my 3 small children without any problems great watch dog
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ok let me tell tell you im 9, damarius taylor, if you got a ridgeback with a baby you should have a little dog because i have one hes 2 and playful not good with babies they're just to playful at least a pug would do good luck
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Pet your Rhodesian Ridgeback all the time and play with her and maybe make up a nickname for her. Watch how your granddaughter plays with her and try to imitate the way she plays with it.
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We no longer have the puppy. We rehomed her a few months ago but thank you for your response.
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