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I am a 26 y/o young very active guy living in the SoCal area. I live in a very remote/almost...

I am a 26 y/o young very active guy living in the SoCal area. I live in a very remote/almost desert area lots of hiking and long trails. I am an endurance athlete and typically average 60+miles a week of running. I am looking for a good dog partner. I have heard great things about Rhodesian Ridgebacks and just curious to see what others think about it. Had a chocolate lab for 14 years past away 2 years ago, and have always wanted a RR since I was younger. If I was to get one, what is a good age range to get and how early should I take it to obedience training? And anyone know where any breeders are in CA, or a good dog trainer in the SoCal area, I would prefer to do it with the dog. Thanks!

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Hi, I'm on my second male Rhodesian - he's 11 weeks old now. I can say this because I'm in the middle of it now. But as with any large breed dog, Rhodesians can not be subjected to forced exercise (i.e. running alongside you) like you do until they are at least 18 months to 2 years old. It will damage their bones and cause irreperable damage (i.e. hip and joint problems). Consider a rescue or an older one. As puppies they need a TON of socialization and obedience training as well to grow to be the excellent dogs they are.
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I have had ridgebacks for years. Get one a puppy . Start training a 3 or 4 months but give it enought time to be a puppy. The Dogs love to go for long walks and runs They have lots of endurance and love to please, very friendly and loyal . Can be very protective and aggresive if need be.
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