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We recently got a dog from a rescue and were told it is a boxer/beagle mix. Someone saw our dog...

We recently got a dog from a rescue and were told it is a boxer/beagle mix. Someone saw our dog yesterday and thought it was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Now I have looked into it and am thinking perhaps she is at least in part. She has a partial ridge, but only when she is upset. Her hair stands up, and I'm thinking this is not truly a ridge. This is only at the top of her spine and bottom. She does get aggressive with other dogs most of the time and always has her nose to the ground when walking. She pulls a lot on the leash and wants to take off after squirrels and cats. She is very energetic and jumps midair when we come into the house. She is very sweet with my family and guests. Because beagles are sniffers and boxers are jumpers, too, I am confused on what breed she really is. She only weighs 37 pounds, but I have to say even though smaller, she very much looks like a RR. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks!

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I am in a similar situation with my dog. We think Boxer/RR. The partial ridge is the same as you have been describing is similar to what is on my dog, Chewi. I recently watched a Breed all about it video and it said that not all RR's have the ridge, however. It said that breeders and kennel clubs don't consider it good breeding. I hope this helps. I think if you go to Youtube and search Breed all about it/ Rhodesian Ridgeback, you should be able to see the same clip I saw. Hope this helps.
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Hi, You are correct in that your dog does not have a ridge. Rhodesian Ridgebacks that have a Ridge are born with it. (Some full blooded Rhodesians are born without). They do not grown in later, and they are visibly present at all times. The hair that you refer to as standing up on the back of a dog when it is upset is not a Ridge, and it happens in all dogs. It is called their "hackles" as an innate response to ward off a dog's perceived enemies.
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