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I'm a white water river guide and I am looking for a dog that is super friendly to strangers,...

I'm a white water river guide and I am looking for a dog that is super friendly to strangers, but protective and loves long distance hikes and loves the water and loves playing fetch. But I need one that can live in mountain weather conditions. Would a Rhodesian Ridgeback be a good match?

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Yes to everything except the weather conditions. I have a winter dog blanket that I purchased from Dover Saddelry that keeps my Rhodesian Ridgeback warm enough to be outdoors in the winter.
    Answered by trostera - 4/11/2011 1:57:06 PM

The "True" or correct Ridgeback should be aloof with strangers. RR will be protective. Loves long hikes and MAY enjoy the water but won't love it like a Lab would. I have yet to see a RR play fetch. RR has single coat but is hearty to around freezing. Expect to find the dog either in your sleeping back or right next to you. RR are hounds first and foremost. They will take longer to train and do not respond to harsh training. But once they accept that you know what you're doing they are imho the best dogs.
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thank you for all the info on my 12 year old buddy my ridgeback I let him go where he wants to. He is the best friend I ever had !! thank you again........randy
    Answered by Anonymous - 4/26/2011 12:42:00 PM

Ridgebacks are the absolute best dogs. A real handful, but the most loyal and protective dogs out there. Love long hikes, but usually not the water or fetch. I've had many ridgebacks, only one has liked the water and none have ever played fetch - they get bored with it very quickly. Mine live in the Rockies and handle the cold just fine, although they are short haired, warm-weather dogs (from Africa). Not particularly friendly with strangers either, but trust their owner's judgement of people. I will never get any other kind of dog.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/23/2011 3:45:28 PM

I would say look for another breed. A Ridgeback isn't going to be super friendly to strangers, they will be aloof, meaning they will ignore them...after first being reserved or wary. And they are not a water dog. Every ridgeback I've ever had runs and hides when the sprinklers come on. Get a lab, or a lab-boxer mix instead.
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For sure - he would be ideal and a great water fan also
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