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How big can a Rhodesian Ridgeback grow?

How big can a Rhodesian Ridgeback grow?

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Rhodesian Ridgeback males are normally 25-27 inches in height. Females are normally 24-26 inches in height. Males weigh about 85 pounds if kept healthy, females weigh about 70 pounds.
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I had a female Rhodesian Ridgeback. She was 60lbs and her brother's where 70lbs. A vet will tell you 60 for male and female to keep them from hurting their hip's
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/15/2011 1:21:50 PM

Depends on the breeder. My RR girl is 72lbs and has been most of her adult life. She's heavier in the Winter and leaner in the Summer. RR's in the USA are being breed significantly larger. The standard is Bitches 75 and Dogs 85. To keep the breed true to its task as a hunting dog it must be able run all day and corner on a dime. These 150lbs RR's would be easily killed by a Lion. Remember these dogs bayed the Lion until the hunter got their to kill it. Any dog that closed on the lion was always killed. Airdale Terriers were very good lion dogs but to often would go for the kill as Terriers do, and as I said alway fatal for the dog. So when you see the words: "Exceed the breed standard" stay away from these breeders.
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Rhodesian Ridgebacks males should be roughly 85 pounds and females 75. It is easy for ridgebacks to become overweight so keep them healthy with a good diet and exercise.
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I can can tell you only about mine, he is a very healthy pure breed, his parents were both over 100lbs, my boy is nearly 1 now and is around 110 pounds, but still very lean and agile. this is big from most of the other postings i have seen online, but i can assure you my dog gets plunty of exercise and is feed the right amount of food for a dog his age.
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