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i just got a rhodesian ridgeback a few days ago, she was taken from her litter at 6 weeks to a...

i just got a rhodesian ridgeback a few days ago, she was taken from her litter at 6 weeks to a home and was badly treated for 2 weeks so i took her on, she looks pretty slim and you can see her ribs is this normal in ridgeback puppies? shes also showing a lot of food aggression to my other dog and sometimes she wont back down is this also normal or is this due to her being treated badly? please respond to my question i really want her to be a controllable dog and not aggressive

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I have 2 Rhodesians, as puppies, they are a little food aggressive. This can change with time. Both of mine thought that food would go away if they didnt eat it fast. This was because they were both in large litters and had to compete for food in a single bowl. I also gave them both their own bowl and fed them a few feet apart from each other. Give her time. THey turn into very loving dogs and will bond with other dogs quickly.
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Vet gave us great tips on feeding undernourished dogs which also helps train them not to rush/gulp food. Spread dry food on cookie sheet, and feed multiple times a day. Our rhodesian was barely 25lbs at approx. 6mnths when we found him, we fed him this way cup at a time as much as 10-15 times a day. He had to slow down as food moved around the cookie sheet and once he reached normal weight we switched to bowl and tapered to twice daily feedings. We also made sure to regularly remove food, pet and re-assure then replace food to let him know he wouldn't be starving again. He is now 2+yrs, a healthy 100lb slow eating fun, sweet, lovable and great guard dog. Patience, firm-love, and you won't regret taking on a Ridgeback!
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