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I do not have a question; but a statement, about this breed. It says that they are not a good...

I do not have a question; but a statement, about this breed. It says that they are not a good watch dog. I STRONGLY disagree. We just lost our Redbone yesterday after 9 years of a wonderful life. He absolutely allowed NO ONE to come into our home uninvited. And at times, we had to correct him for growling at someone who was welcome. Extremely intelligent, fast learning. There will never be another dog like my Leroy. I was 32 when I received him and I'm 41 at his death. I've had MANY dogs in my entire life, and NONE can touch this dog. He grew up with my son and they loved each other dearly. They were more like brothers than dog and master. He loved his family with all his heart and he stood between them and danger time and again. He is greatly missed and can never be replaced. We may find another dog, but none can take his place.

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I'm sorry about your pup. We recently adopted two redbones and I couldnt agree more with you. They have absolutely been the best dogs I've ever had! And like you said they are extremely protective of my husband and I and have been excellent guard dogs! I feel much safer knowing they are here. I don't know that I'll ever own another type of dog!
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Yes, we adopted our Leroy as well from the ASPCA. I know it's been a little over 7 months, but it still feels like yesterday. There are days when I still cry and think about him. When we get a storm, I think of him and how he would come and hide out in our bedroom. For some reason he felt that was the safe spot to be! They are one of a kind animals for sure.
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I must agree! My redbone, Ellie Mae, is very protective. She knows friends and family come to the back door and if you come to my front door, look out! I also like the fact that she barks at passers by. She makes me feel safe and i like to think that since she has been with us, and not at the shelter, we also make her feel safe.
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Our redbone is a little over 2 years old and he is a good dog but not a watch dog. He would never try and stop a stranger from entering the yard.
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My duke sounds very threatening but the most he might do is knock someone over because he jumps up on them due to excitement. He does bark more if a person doesn't come over to greet him or if I won't let him go over and greet another dog.
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