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I recently rescued a rat terrier and she is killing me. Love her to death but she is stubburn...

I recently rescued a rat terrier and she is killing me. Love her to death but she is stubburn and will not listen. Took her to a socialization/obedience class and we dropped out as this was not a good setting for her. She loves walks but if we encounter a dog on the way she snaps at the dog. Some call it Little Dog Syndrome. What can I do about this? She is digging up the yard too. Hate to get rid of her but feel she is just not right for our family. I heard they are easily trained but this one is not. Was in a cage for most of its life, adopted out then brought back. HELP

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I adopted a five year old rat terrier chihuahua mix (had DNA test done) out of a shelter six months ago and had the same issues. We've reduced dog aggression issues with exercise and more dog socialization: 20 min am walk and 40 min evening walk and a couple of days a week at a dog day camp all day to tire him out and keep him socialized. He is better with most dogs now on our walks but we still cross the street if needed. I found my dog snaps on the leash because he is protecting me, but can be friendly with other small dogs dogs in a secure, supervised play area when he is loose. Good Luck with your doggie. :)
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We had a rescued rat terrier. The first year was a true test of my patience. The best thing for walking I found was called a "gentle leader." Whenever she would do anything not acceptable...snapping at other dogs, etc. a good pull of the gentle leader, and she would correct the behavior. That being said, she turned out to be such a great, loyal dog. We loved her. She recently just died. Miss her soooo much! Rat terriers are not an easy dog to train, and they keep their puppy-hood for quite a few years.
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