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I have a 9 month old red Heeler named Gibson. He's the most awesome dog I've ever had the...

I have a 9 month old red Heeler named Gibson. He's the most awesome dog I've ever had the pleasure to own. One major problem, he's very fast and if he gets a chance to slip out the door he takes it. The "come" command only works when in the yard or house. He'll let you get close almost to touch him then he takes off running again. I'm scared to death he's gonna get hit by are car. Please help. Any and all responses are welcomed and encouraged.

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We have 2 Heelers, 1 red & 1 blue, so I know whereof I speak. Your Heeler needs a job. Whenever you go out front take your Heeler with you; at first you will have to tie him on s short rope as he gets use to being out front with you give him more rope until he can reach your property line. Eventually he will learn his boundary and you can start to unhook him. Keep an eye on him when possible distractions appear as he will want to herd. Heelers are the best dogs and once he learns to stay by your side you will never be alone again.
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I highly recommend the "Koehler Method Of Dog Training". Please get this book as soon as you can. Read it. With a fairly simple 4-5 day training you will have the dog you have always wanted! I have purchased everal copies off used book sites. Libraries have it also. I have a two year old Queensland Heeler. (Pete) He is fast but the training has given him the knowledge that I am leader. I have used this training method on many different breeds of all ages. Usually it is the owner who is slow to catch on to the process.
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