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when is standing time for a pug

i want to breed my pug she started bleeding today when will the 1 3rd and 5th day be so i can breed her

    In Pug - Asked by Anonymous - 3/21/2013 6:41:36 PM
generally the mateing time is on days 9-11-13 counting the first day of her heat as day1-breed 1x a day only -skip a day-then breed again untill shes no longer receptive-the only way to get a sure answer is to do a progesterone testing series starting on day 6-and every other day to determine her fertile cycle-as to what day she will ovulate on-we found out that our girl ovulates early and without progesterone testing we would have never known-we missed a few heats not knowing and finally resorted to doing progesterone testing-have the parents been tested for PDE and cleared?google it -its now being done on pugs to prevent the spred of this genetic devistateing disease-both male and female should be tested-you shouldnt breed 2 carriers as the puppies will be affected and this PDE will kill them-this is something new that just came out in the past few years -pug breeders should test before breeding
    Answered by dockside - 12/5/2013 10:42:53 AM