Presa Canario Question

what's a good exercise and way to keep her from snapping back at our older dogs dominate nature?

Though you see so much about Presa Canario's not being suitable for a house hold of children I have 4 from 9 months to 5 years.. my children's absolute best friend but she also shares our house hold with our five year old blue Pitt.. "both females" in the house there fine but let outside its a fight so my press rodent get much exercise because she won't move off our steps as she's almost completely attached to our Pitt who hates her .. therefore she gets very antsy in the house to play as she can no longer do it outside because our other dog will pick a fight.. it only happened once but our Pitt stood no chance n is to dumb to give up her dominance n it became ww3 in my home so I muzzled both for almost three months.. never again have had an issue but I also keep them separate outside ..

    In Presa Canario - Asked by Anonymous - 4/4/2013 4:29:58 AM

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