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What is the Presa Canario breed really like to rear from a puppy and live with? After puppy...

What is the Presa Canario breed really like to rear from a puppy and live with? After puppy schooling etc... is there ever a time that you can just love it and it can be pet? Or is it a case you always needing to be a leading alpha & strong etc?

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Presa Canario's are GREAT family dogs! They are great with children, very patient, laid back, and gentle. They are extremely loyal, and protective of their homes and families. However, in order for them to be great family pets, they MUST be socialized while they are young. They need to be around as many different dogs, people, and situations as possible. However, they will always be dominant with other dogs, so owning another dominant dog of the same sex is probably not a good idea. As long as they get PLENTY of socialization, i would recommend them to anyone!
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Though u may read that there not good around children or pets my girl is around 4 children from 9 months to 5 years and is there besfriend.. is say the only downfall someone might have is there size when hyper she can be a handful.. but I no longer worry about the Darth of my home as she's the best on guard protector I've ever had.. I live in a area that friend apon "aggressive breeds" yet I own two n freely take them everywhere with me so in the wrong neighborhoods u may have it handsfull but there definitely worth the fight.she also shares our home with our five year old blue Pitt! I will not lie we had one very bad fight not started by my presa but my Pitt stood no chance to my press defending herself.. therefor if u have another animal id strongly suggest u get of opposite sex as there size n power is nothing to joke with..
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