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How much do Toy Poodles cost?

How much do Toy Poodles cost?

    In Poodle, Toy - Asked by Anonymous - 10/26/2010 8:21:30 PM
Toy Poodles cost about $900-$2,000 Good luck.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/25/2010 12:24:53 PM

You can find poodles all over the Internet for $500 and $600, but I will be very, very careful as there are many puppy mills out there. They do not care what happens after a bad breeding. They just want to get the money. A responsible Poodle breeder will have his/her dogs tested before they mate them, to make sure they don't have genetic disorders. One example is to have the Optigen test (blood test) done to make sure the dog you breed/breed to, does not cary the gene to become blind later. NO responsible breeder, that has her/his dogs tested, will sell you a puppy for $500. You look at a much higher amount, but you will be certain you don't have high vet bills every month.
    Answered by MarieAHansell - 2/22/2011 1:40:54 PM

No, I am sorry. I breed toy poodles and I do not have to test their blood. Nor do I have to charge someone the ridiculous amount of $900. I have never had any health problems with any of my puppies. Also, I am NOT a puppy mill! We charge so the average person is able to afford to buy one of our puppies.
    Answered by janetsue - 3/10/2011 10:43:26 PM

my toy poodle cost $400 but we had to buy food, toys and a bed so it was $450. But if you buy a baby toy poodle that didn't have a shot you need to pay more.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/12/2011 5:50:34 PM

I bought my toy poodle for $300!!
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/25/2012 3:52:07 PM

My toy poodle cost $400
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/6/2012 9:55:34 PM