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Hello! We had been searching for a standard poodle pup for about 6 months now and last week...

Hello! We had been searching for a standard poodle pup for about 6 months now and last week stumbled across a standard breeder who also owns and runs a grooming shop. She has been breeding for 9 years. She has RA which has gotten really bad. Her female managed to become pregnant by her male (all AKA registered and "experienced dog parents.") Due to her declining health she was wanting the pups to get thier new homes FAST dso she sold them for $100. The normal selling price in the past was always $1200. She did not offer the papers however for this price. I have a little male who is 6 weekso old. I have 2 questions. Can I feel comfortable as the new owner of this pup with the story I just shared? Also, at 6 weeks his measurements are 13 inches from chin to rear end and he is around 8 inches from ground to top of his back. Is this a normal sized 6 week old? I was able to meet the parents and they are normal looking standard poodles.

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Are you sure that the poodle pup is only 6 weeks old? I have seen big 6 week old pups and they grow to be real big so do keep that in mind they call them Royals How big was the parents and were the parents health tested? Those are some questions that I would ask the breeder
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As the owner of three standard poodles my first thought when I read this was, why are you worried about this now AFTER you bought the puppy? If you were concerned you should have been concerned before the $100.00 purchase. I don't let my puppies go before 8 weeks and only after meeting and getting some history on the buyer. If she's selling them for $100.00 without papers, I would think they weren't full standards. Take him to the vet and see what they say. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but you paid $100.00 for a full bred Standard Poodle that (as you said) goes for $1200.00. Love him and give him a good home. Can't change what's already done.
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I have no question as to if my puppy is a full standard as he is a big boy now at 19 weeks! And to the person who responded with why are you asking questions AFTER we purchased him, I do realize how that sounded and I didn't mean to come across as someone who seemed fickle and irresponsible. I bought him knowing he was worth the doubts I had, I just was curious of others opinions.
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