Pointer Question

Is my pointer a hybred

I have a 1 year old pointer mix blue noise Pittbull he is a very great dog and listens excellent he was trained in only 3 months but the half Pitt in him some times I think makes him stubborn or it could be the hound on him I never opened a hound before this and does any one know if the are hybred with bears because he will dry stop and point at any thing I hit hunting but he won't with bears????of a wolf shows. Teeth and I have to put it down ill see if he points at that but its illegal to shoot wolfs were I live for sport unless they threaten u its just weird when he turns over on his bak he looks just like a cub too

    In Pointer - Asked by Anonymous - 1/25/2013 9:21:05 AM
Your dog is being submissive towards a predator that is larger then him. If you want to train him out of that, contact your local hunting trainer.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/15/2014 1:47:49 PM