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I just adopted an 8 month old male pointer puppy. For the time being while I'm at work I am...

I just adopted an 8 month old male pointer puppy. For the time being while I'm at work I am crating him, coming home at lunch to walk him and take him to our mini "puppy park" to run after work...will that suffice for adequate exercise until the weekends? Also, he hasn't tried to harm my kitty, but he does growl and "spring" at them...is this just being a puppy and he'll grow out of it or am I to keep them separated for life? Thanks!!! Jennifer

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I would be concerned for your kitty. You have a hunting dog and smaller furry animals may not fare well even with a puppy. I have a friend that just lost her older smaller dog to a 4 year old pointer that she adopted. She had the new dog only about a month and lost her old dog yesterday to it. I don't think the pointer was being properly exercised. She said it was destructive with it's toys.
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It's been a month and he and the kittys play....if you're consistant with a dog, they know how to act. All I do is say easy and he plays with not tries to "hunt" the kittys.
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I have to disagree, I adopted a full grown pointer 2 years ago that had been severely neglected. We have 3 cats and she never harasses them. Obviously not all dogs will be the same. But you must use positive reinforcement when your dog acts accordingly around your cat. I will say that my Pointer is a smidge possessive but I make sure to praise her and pet her with my free hand when I'm loving on my cats. If your dog makes any unwanted gestures towards your cat or rough houses, correct quickly with a firm authoritative no. Pointers can be bossy if you are not a firm yet gentle leader. Best of luck!
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