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I have a peke who is a female. She gets plenty of play time with her brother along with me when...

I have a peke who is a female. She gets plenty of play time with her brother along with me when I walk or jog. She is about 1 year and two months old. I have two questions. Does me playing music in car loud or even at apt have a major impact on her? Because when I leave the apartment, I leave a calm radio station on for her to listen to, but it isn't loud. Occasionally, out of nowhere, she will be in another room and start barking and looking around, jumping, so I calm her down, then she is fine... Do you know if she just wants my attention or does me playing the music (too loud) have an affect on her, causing her to randomy bark? My mom said when she babysat that in the midde of night, she just started barking and she had to go in another room and sleep with her. Please reply. I woud greatly appreciate it... I am a good mother to her, often people say too good. She has 6 beds, along with lots of toys and she gets groomed every 2 weeks with nails painted. Thank you for your time.

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I will be honest with you. I know that loud music is not good around a dog, especially a puppy, but the fact that you do put on low, calm music when you are gone is great! It is common for dogs to get excited at any given time or just want to play. It is okay and do not worry. My peke does the same thing occasionally. You seem like a great mother and you obviously love her so much. Keep doing what you are and you will enjoy your dog's company. This breed of dog oves to be with its owner, aswell as having that play time together, like 20 or 30 minutes for a walk... They love being with their owner.
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It has been my experience that the music doesn't really effect them (as long as it isn't too loud, of course). But both of my boys will randomly bark and go crazy and it seems to be just a cry for attention. Pekingese are wonderful dogs but to require alot of love. Sounds like she has 1. an attachment to her mommy (not a bad thing but could be a problem when someone is babysitting) and 2. she may be a bit spoilt (again not a bad thing in my opinion).
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We have a 12 year old pekingese that has recently started doing that. And we are always in a calm home with no loud music. Sometimes he goes into the bathroom during the night and starts crying like he's being beat. We have to go in there and pick him up, and put him in our bed. He acts like he's scared of the dark. And we have a night light on in there.
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